INKUNGA FINANCE Plc is dedicated to promote financial services for quality to small and medium entrepreneurs in order to contribute to their social-economic development and to continue considered as operating self-sufficient institution. INKUNGA FINANCE Plc conducts its activities of saving and credits in Western province.

Thus, INKUNGA FINANCE would like to select experienced insurance company which shall offer insurance credit protection to the borrowers in the period of three years (From January 2020 to December 2022).

Interested Insurance company should send the following documents (Requirements)

  1. RDB registration certificate
  2. RRA clearance certificate;
  3. To prove experience in credit insurance protection with an experienced staff to accompany the institution
  4. To have a high solvability marge and positive financial statement
  5. To provide certified financial statement for the recent three years
  6. A permanent technical assistance locally (having the offices where it is easy to access for our staffs);
  7. To have a low rate (premium) which is profitable to our clients. Having a group lending product is more relevant
  8. Valid certificate of accreditation issued by Central Bank for conducting these activities
  9. To have an online system for contract application easy to monitor ID authenticity;

Financial and quality evaluation

Only insurance company which respond to the requirements shall be selected for insurance credit protection to our clients.

Interested  insurance company should send the required and all detailed information at the following Email address:  not later than 24th December 2019 at 17H00.

Done at Karongi, on 16th December 2019.


Managing Director.


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